Hélène’s Stables was opened as a boarding establishment in January 1995.

Hélène’s Biography

Hélène came to Boston in 1986 employed in the Family Support Program of a Child Welfare agency in Boston. For the past seven years, she worked with cognitively limited parents, teaching parenting skills whereby the children remained united to their family. Hélène resigned her position as a social worker, leaving behind a system that did not fulfill her expectations.

Hélène rode horses and danced as a child in France where she was born and raised. She learned how to make arts and crafts and sew from her mother, an artist. Hélène left Europe at age eighteen and spent six years in Puerto Rico studying Graphic Arts. She graduated in Political Sciences in New York with a major in Russian, her fourth language, in addition to french, Spanish and English.

While in Boston, she became a professional ballet/ jazz dancer/ choreographer/ teacher and performed with various companies including the Cambridge Chamber Ballet. She helped organize all their dance recitals and designed the costumes.


At Hélène’s Stables, her focus lies in bringing all activities loved as a child together where everyone, especially the whole family, may take part while in nature’s environment.
She takes a particular pleasure in riding with her students, no matter their level.