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Helenes StablesHélène’s Stables offers a Recreational Program every summer. Last year, we booked! We also had a lot of fun! If you are interested, please take a few minutes and check the details under ”We Offer” so that I can accommodate the student to participate in our equine activities. You can bring your own match or I will find you one. All ages can apply and the hours are flexible. The Recreational Program and Waiver forms can be downloaded  directly from this site; simply go to ”fees and forms”.

Helenes Stables
The student gets dropped off around 9 am. The routine is fairly easy: While the horses get served their breakfast, the arena is being groomed for the morning lesson. A long time is spent on the ground with the animal so that the children learn how to groom the horse and they also learn their basics in equine anatomy and behavior. The lesson takes place inside the indoor arena. The lunch time is either spent inside the barn next to the horses having their hay or outside where the children sit at the picnic table. They are required to bring their own lunch box. They also get a chance to try fresh produce from Hélène’s gardens. The afternoon is spent at the barn, either for a second lesson, exercising for riding fitness, playing games, spending time with and taking care of the animals, enjoying hikes on the property and discovering nature… Before the parents pick up their children, they can participate in the afternoon routine feeding the animals.
Helenes Stables

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    Hi! What age range do you allow in your summer programs? My daughter will be 13 this summer and would love something like this.


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