Hélène’s Stables CSA will be relocating this coming year 2018.

Hélène’s Stables will be moving in the area of Marne-La-Vallée in France. Additional details will be posted here during the 2018 Spring.

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CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members participate in their own food supply by committing to share in the harvest of a local grower. By joining a CSA, you express your support for locally grown, ecoganic food, and to the farmers who grow it. A CSA creates a unique relationship between the consumers and the producers—nowadays, still not many people actually know the farmer who picked the tomatoes they are eating!

Members purchase shares in the winter, a few months before the start of the season. Each week from June through mid-November we harvest. The exact selection and amount of produce depends on the nature of each season. Some trends are always present; at the beginning of the season, quantities tend to be smaller, with a focus on salad and greens. Toward the middle of the season, the variety and quantity is at its greatest. By the end of October, the range of vegetables has decreased dramatically. For many members, it is a completely new experience to follow the growing season so closely. If you would like to store the excess vegetables for the winter, ask your farmer for tips. Goat milk cheeses, breads, jams and soaps might be added to your basket after Hélène’s Stables relocates. Stay tuned.ph11


 If you go away for weeks, the vegetables cannot wait for you. Have someone pick up your shares so that the produce can be processed and stored. You might not save the money like you thought, but you are offered a good value at a fair price.

If you like to cook or if you have someone interested in cooking for you, you will better enjoy eating at home.

If you like vegetables and if you like to try new foods, this is your chance.

If you don’t mind arranging your menus in season (accordingly to the available produce given the time of the year), you will enjoy being creative with your meals.

If there is a surplus of vegetables, please accept it; you can either process the food and store it inside your freezer (dehydrate or can it) or you can share it with a friend or with a neighbor of yours. Try not to waste.ph10



 Cabbage, Russian cabbage, peas, beans, tomatoes, tomatillos, eggplants, onions, beets, peppers, okra, Swiss chard, celery, Brussels sprout, broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, beets, onions, potatoes, squash, zucchini, pumpkin, cantaloupe and watermelon, and of course, a variety of herbs.

This list is based on the 2016 harvest. By the beginning of May, we can provide you with a more specific list of vegetables.

Additional goodies might be included to your basket; these include: goat cheeses, jams, breads and goat milk soaps. You will be soon introduced to our new goats!

Note: Payments are required to be submitted along with the application. Checks can be written to Hélène’s Stables.

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