Barn Day on May 4, 2013

barnDay2barnDayRockedThere are not enough words to express how thankful I am to those who made Barn Day possible; I think this was the biggest success we have ever had at my barn. I was proud to have United Associates as partners; they have been great to work with, especially within such a short time… I think it took us less than 6 weeks to put the whole thing together!

There were soooo many “plusses” to this event and I have so many thanks to express: I first want to start with United Solar Associates, then, UNACC, Enchanted Animal Parties (Sara doherty), Sylveus Plantation, Cyndi Mitten, Luina Greine Farm, Block and Blade Landscaping, Flamingo Design, Sharon MacNeil, Susan Farlow, Kirk Farm, The Groton Country Club, Grooming By Sarah, Heather Mischel….and more. I hope I dind’t leave someone out.

Oh, I also want to thank Butterscotch, Magnum and Negro for stealing so much attention… I will create the album for everyone to enjoy after I download the hundreds of pictures.
Thank you all and have a good weekend!



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