Hélène's Stables sustainability

Time to celebrate sustainability!

The time has come to start planning our 2015 vegetable gardens! Good produce comes from healthy soil; thank you Magnum, Butterscotch and Negrito and Buddy for your contribution!

Don't miss our Windhorse Festival coming up on June 14, 2014!

Don’t miss our Windhorse Festival coming up on June 14, 2014!

Friends Of Maiti Nepal is an organization that fights sex girl trafficking in Nepal and in India. Hélène’s Stables is sponsoring this event in order to generate funds. These funds will go towards rehabilitation centers/shelters, income generation education programs, the center for lost daughters, wives and sisters, public awareness and advocacy, hospice and chronic care centers, intervention outposts, prevention homes… Read more →

Yentl and Miriam just arrived to Hélène's Stables this month

Yentl and Miriam just arrived to Hélène’s Stables this month

They will not be on Welfare here… Both will mainly be in charge of the maintenance of our back field that can hardly be accessed with the tractor mower or with the brush mower. They are expected to deliver their babies later this Spring. As the kids are weaned, some of their milk will be used to make cheese and… Read more →

Hélène's Stables Homeschool Day: June 2nd from 10am to 2pm

Hélène’s Stables Homeschool Day: June 2nd from 10am to 2pm

Our meeting with the Homeschoolers last Monday was a success! The day was beautiful and we were able to do the pony rides outdoors in our back field. The kids were fun to work with and a lot was learned. HÉLÈNE’S STABLES WANTS YOU BACK!! Meet at Hélène’s for horse riding, nature exploration, picnic lunch, and friends. Learn about riding and grooming… Read more →

Manure Management Program

Manure Management Program

Do you want to get the best manure available? If you are interested in acquiring manure from the stables, you are required to provide your own muck buckets. The round ones, 2’4″ wide by 1’6″ deep approximately seem to be preferable since they are easy to carry by one human. The typical 30 gallon plastic trash barrels that are a… Read more →

Barn Day on May 4, 2013

Barn Day on May 4, 2013

There are not enough words to express how thankful I am to those who made Barn Day possible; I think this was the biggest success we have ever had at my barn. I was proud to have United Associates as partners; they have been great to work with, especially within such a short time… I think it took us less… Read more →

Calendar 2014

Calendar 2014

The Agi-calendar, “Made in Groton” will be ready for sale to the public this coming fall.  It will contain 13 months (up to January 2015) and will cover the business of farmers strictly from Groton. I serves the purpose to promote our agriculture in town. Call if you would like to participate or if you would like to place an… Read more →